I've begun picking this back up in hopes of soon getting it through to completion. In the nature of being more community friendly I have also renamed the project from "Better ASLB" to "Open ASLB"

Project Description
An improved version of ASLB which introduces the ability to make implementations geographically aware.

Better ASLB is built on the core software released by the Microsoft SQL CAT team. Currently none of the web services or load checking code has been modified from its original state. All of our improvements have been in the ASLB databse code which allows current users of ASLB to migrate to Better ASLB seamlessly.

Better ASLB Features
  • Load balancing for SQL Server Analysis services
  • Subnetwork mapping allowing users to pick the closest server geographically.
  • SSIS Package and Database Functions to help manage replication
  • ASP.net MVC application to manage configuration

Features In Development
  • Updated Documentation
  • Per user connection routing

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